Unity to Houdini via Houdini Engine over a network

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Hello everyone,

I am a (Houdini addict) computational physicist and I would like to thank the passionate developers and consistent community for this platform.

I have decided to move on to Unity with Houdini Engine. I have two questions in mind. I would be very glad if anyone with experience or knowledge could put a little bit light on these topics.

First, I have a Houdini running on one computer. In the other computer I have the Unity development Environment. Can I consume the Houdini Engine via Network from Unity to Houdini?

The second question came to my mind because I have seen Houdini Server in my services list. Does this service mean that Houdini supports parallel processing?

This is my first post. So if these questions are irrelevant or nooby please accept my apologies.

My software configs are:
-Windows 10
-Unity 2017.3.03f(Last Release as of Feb.2017)
-Houdini with Houdini Engine 16.5.323 (Last Release as of Feb.2017)
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