Cache SOP Import in a cop2net?

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I'm using a SOPImport to bring in the heightmap from a terrain, and using a lookup to copy the height ramp from erosion visualization and export the color. I am also using the sop_terrain_texture_rop in Houdini's game dev branch which I have modified to include this color information. When I click the Export button in the sop terrain texture rop, I am only able to successfully export if my cop2net is using a file node…it is unable to export if using a sopimport. My best guess is that the SOPimport doesn't cache the file, or automatically render and store the texture in a temp folder somewhere. This make me have to first export the texture from the lookup node and then reimport into a file node in order to use the export button from the texture rop.

Does anyone know how to cache a SOPImport so I can skip a step? I would rather a file get automatically created and stored, then to have to hop into the cop2net to manually export a texture, then reimport it into a file node just to get an export button to work in the texture rop.
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