Cannot get Hair shader to use custom attribute for hair color

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I'm experimenting with fur in Houdini and I'm not able to get my hair and hair shader to properly use the color attribute that I painted on the source skin. When I write this color attribute to the skin as a custom attribute ( like Rootcolor and Tipcolor ) and then try and bind them onto the material in the mat context it doesnt respond. And when I try and do the same by writing them as the shader's param names ( rootDiffuseColor, tipDiffuseColor ) it also does not respond.

I tried transferring skin point attributes in the Hair Generate object but all I keep getting is just the colors that have been set straight in the shader itself.

How can I get this to work, and what am I doing wrong? I tried different builds of Houdini ( 16.0, currently I'm on 16.5.268 ) and seeing it working properly in the help file ( [] ) makes me feel ever so dumb.

Thank you,
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