Anyone using Houdini for asset creation in UE4? ..I have a small issue

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So I have a Houdini asset in unreal and I want to use the material shaders from Unreal on it. I have brought in the normals and basecolour (that latter i'm guesing I can use as material ID?).This is the current pipeline - []

But I can currently only apply 1 material to the whole thing, whereas I need 2. On the imgur it clearly shows the 2 colours that I want to allocate separate materials to, but I've not idea how to do it.

Like I said small (very novice) issue, but I can't get beyond this.

Any help would HUGELY appreciated.
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if you want to assign unreal materials inside of houdini you can do it with a unreal material node, copy the path from your unreal material (right click your material inside of unreal and select copy reference) to the string parameter of the node inside of houdini…if I remeber right.

If you want to assign houdini materials and want to get rid of the error message you can create a matnet inside your subnet and assign the materials from there with a relative path to your materials. So something like “../../matnet/yourmaterial”, instead of “/mat/principledshader”

Also try to use group nodes to assign different materials to different parts of your geometry. Just select all faces you want to assign a different material to, press TAB inside the viewport and type group! Then you can use material nodes and point them to different groups.

Hope it helps
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