Bones Tool - Change Parent (Ctrl+Middle Mouse)

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Been really diving deep into Agents lately - which required me to learn about Rigging (Static vs Deforming).

So…just wanted to check before logging an RFE, but I cant figure out how to change the Parent of a Bone while using the Bone tool.

For example, how do I create a regular bipedal T skeleton using the Bone tool in one go? I figure I must be missing something, because new Bones are always created at the end of the last Bone created, no matter what I do.

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in H16.5.396 something is up with Ctrl+MMB…

but I was able to draw a T - draw the bones of the spine, and continue to the left or right
then RMB and select Finished Drawing
now you're still in the bones tool so you can
Hold Shift and click on a bone to start drawing from that bone..

I'll see what is going on with Ctrl+MMB.
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