Animating Growing Plants.

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Hi Guys,

Im really new to Houdini. I have been working in VFX for a while, mostly with 3DS max. I wanted to jump into the world of Houdini and procedural animation!

Has anyone got any tips and or tutorials that cover the process of animating a plant growing? I watched this advert and I would love to know how it was done!

Also, what are the best resources for Houdini tutorials? Im considering buying a Lynda tutorial, but it would also be nice to know what other resources are out there.
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L-Systems are a decently out of the box solution for plant growth without much VEX coding.

Entagma tutorials are all pretty digestible chunks. I think they have one on “space colonization” which is another way to make plants.

CopySOP and Carve node are more manual and maybe a little slower but also can give good results.

hope that helps!
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