POPNET/oversampling troubles.

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Hey everybody,

I put down a popnet and am expecting to see a tab with ‘oversampling’ and I dont get that at all.
I get 3 tabs. Object Merge, simulation, and cache.
In the simulation tab I get a bunch of values but none of which are oversampling.
Initial State
Offset Time
Start Frame
Scale Tome
Max Feedback loops.

Even the documentation for POPnet in 16.5 shows this as the attributes:

Start Time
Preroll Time
Initial State
Random Seed
Max # of Particles
Remove Unused Points

What am I doing wrong?
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you are looking at old POPnet in docs, POP context is deprecated
all POPs now live in a DOPnet, so when you place POPnet in SOPs it's actually just an alias for DOPnet with simple POP setup

to do oversampling you can increase Substeps on DOPnet and/or on POP Solver DOP, depending on your needs
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