sequence of stills seen as a sequence in cop

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Hello forum

I'm loading automatically a set of images in cop and these images have a the same number in their filename,
Something like xxx_T200_basecolor.png T200 stands for tile 2meters.
On each frame there's a different image but all of them have T200 inside their filename.
Because of this they're seen as a sequence and xxx_T200_basecolor.png is interpreted as frame 200
So is there a separator that would make things more clear for houdini?
Tried the override but it's still a sequence.
Any clue on how to resolve this would be appreciated since i'm stuck for two days on this problem.
Thank you.
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how are you loading the images?
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In the file browser, turn off “Show Sequences as one entry”. This will put `xxx_T200_basecolor.png` in as-is, without inserting a $F. This will then be interpreted as a Still Image, which exists at every frame.
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