Fracturing with booleans

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Hey folks,

I need some help with a personal project. I`ve recently learned about using the boolean Shatter option to fracture surfaces and I`m giving it a go but I got some issues and I need help with them.
1.I`m having issues to create Normals/Uvs/for the inside of the pieces
2.I also have issues with the outside pieces.
- I`m transferring the normals from the original hand to the fractured one but I just can`t get it right.-

This makes me wonder if this method of fracturing is popular and worth it or if I should just stick with the Voronoi.

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Fracturing using boolean shatter is far superior in my opinion to voronoi. Sure, you will have some more work, but you are able to art direct your fractures.

What I drop a uvtexture on my fracturing grid(s).

The key is selecting Output Primitive Groups in the Boolean B inside A which gives you a group for the inside surfaces of your fracture.

You can also use a Facet SOP with post compute normals checked to help with creating normals.

I didn't have time to look into your project, but hopefully this will give you enough to go on.

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