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Anyone know where I can get a list of ALL the shortcuts that exist for houdini 8? I know there used to be one kicking around ( [] however, it no longer exists.


Well, you can browse them in the HotKey Manager (and search as well). Otherwise, you can look in the Hotkeys directory of the installation. Or are you only looking for bound hotkeys?
Hey Edward, thx for the reply. Well to be perfectly honest with you I am not too sure by what you mean when you say “bound” hotkeys. I have tried browsing the hotkey editor, however for some reason (maybe it is one of my settings) you need to actually click on the operation you want to perform to see what the hotkey is for it. I want to see a list of all the hotkeys available for each viewer pane. I know that you can get a list by pressing “ctrl + RMB” but you just get a floating pane. I wanted a text file that I could print out and start to memorize by using. I guess that I could just do a print screen while doing the “ctrl + RMB” but I thought that there may have been a help screen that gave a list of all the default hotkeys for different viewports etc. I've also tried looking in C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 8.0.383\houdini\config\Hotkeys however, the naming convention is a little too convoluted to understand - I can't even find an entry that is the viewport.


what about Houdini reference card. This was for H6, but I'm not really sure if anything changed in hotkey/shortcut from that time..?

“houdini_qrc.pdf” I got it!

You can access the quick reference card info from the online docs. Click on quick reference on the home page. The contents of the Houdini 6 card have been put here in various categories.
quick reference card info

Hello Robert,

This post happened years ago but Im wondering how to access the quick reference card info for H19.

I've been browsing through the online docs for H19 and cannot find a summary of the hotkey shortcuts.

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