Packaging external Python code into HDA

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My studio is currently trying to setup our pipeline to handle outsourcing projects to freelancers and wants to be able to share the Houdini files we create. The big problem is we've developed lots of custom HDAs that run on lots of custom code.

In house these nodes execute python functions defined in external files on our server, this keeps everything nice and centralized for easy maintenance. However this raises some obvious issues if we expect someone to use the file out of house as the referenced libraries will no longer be available.

My initial thoughts on how to solve this is to create a tool that loads any code that the asset relies on into the HDA perhaps as an extra file or as part of the hdaModule. The main issue with this being, that doing so would probably break how the code was referenced (hdaModule vs import as module).

Anyone have any ideas on how to best do this?
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