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Full Version: Change the appearance of non-default values?
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Is it possible to edit the colour or the font of non default values so they become even more easily distinguishable?
I love that Houdini shows the non-default values with a slightly bolder font and also love that in 16.5 we can view the non-default values only. I don't know who's idea was this but I owe you a beer sir!
It is incredibly helpful when opening other artists scenes.

But it would be great to have the ability to change how it displays. I'd probably set it to slightly yellowish colour and maybe even bolder or larger font. It is a tiny tiny feature request but I'd love to have it. Or if anyone knows how to hack it please let me know!

It is incredibly helpful when opening other artists scenes.

Other than for ones own personal aid (send in RFE),

What if the artist changed the default value?
Even if the artist changes the permanent defaults for a given node it still shows up as bold as it is different than the factory defaults. It's smarter this way. I'm very careful to set permanent defaults anyway. I'd rather store presets.
You don't have to be “careful”, setting a default is not permanent - there is option to restore to factory defaults.
Grant Miller
Found this while looking up how to SET the defaults via code, but a definite +1 for making it even MORE obvious, and a big thanks to whoever had the idea in the first place.
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