Thinking particles rendered by octane in c4d

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Hi!I'm really new using Houdini. I made a particle explosion and I exported everything as an alembic file.
My question is about how to render it in c4d using octane render for cinema4d. Because I imported the alembic file as a thinking particles data, but i cannot see it in the live viewer, even if i add the particles that i did as a “thinking particles group”.
Can somebody help me?
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Hi Diletta,

I am fairly new to Houdini also but since I do not see any replies I will try to help.
Click SOURCE PARTICLE geometry node which has the IMPORT_SOURCE inside, that node should
have a tab called OCTANE and on that tab there is another one for PARTICLES, there you
should see an option for RENDER AS SPHERE PARTICLES. If you click there you should be able
to assign a material and render the particles in octane.

Hope that helps!
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