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Paul Griswold
I've searched the forums and only found a single question related to this issue, so hopefully this isn't a FAQ…. How do you set up Softimage-style reference images in Houdini?

I know you press D and then can pick a background image, but the image doesn't remain stuck to the background grid the way it does in Softimage.

I saw someone on YouTube had a script that would create a grid based on an input image (Softimage has an addon called Imageplane that does this) but the person didn't release the script.

I also found the Navigator Python script, but that seems to only work with a scene camera, which is not what I'm looking for either.

So, is it possible to do Softimage style reference images in Houdini? Not a grid with a UV map. Just a background image that scales with the background grid.

I've finally got an excuse to move from Softimage to Houdini & I'm anxious to get started (I've gone back to grad school at nearly age 50…).


Hello Paul,

Even when play with the Auto-place option (inside display option for background) is not what you want ?
On my side I hope for a good display override for textured mode at object level..
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