Activating multiple separate objects in a RBD sim (SOP Solver and groups)

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I have two pre-fractured objects on which I want to set the “active” attribute by dynamically creating groups and set the attribute by group as described in this tutorial: []
Unfortunately I have no luck getting it to work since SOP Solver seems to be able to handle only one object.
I need to be able to create the groups separately so I even tried to create them at obj level using an animated bounding volume but the change in the group is not imported into the DOP net. Neither with one or two objects.
I need to be able to control the groups separately because I have to simulate two very close layers of chunks with separate activation time and area.
I can not access separate DOB OBJs in the SOP Solver. I can not have multiple DOP imports for geometry in the SOP solver.
It all works as intended with a single object, except creating a dynamically changing group at the obj level.

Are there other ways to combine separate objects with different activation timings (and areas) in a sim?
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance, testfile attached.
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