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Hello people,

I have a problem when instancing geometry from disk onto points. I have 20.000 pieces I made simulation with, there are about 6300 unique pieces of geometry and the same amount of files on disk. I'd like to replace all of the same pieces with corresponding file. And later on up res those pieces. So far I'm just working with low res geometry, the same I simulated with.

The setup is like this:
File SOP reading in packed geometry (20.000 pieces) from simulation, pointwrangle setting instance attribute(path to geometry on disk, there are about 6300 files), intance SOP, timeshift (fixed on 1st frame), primitivewrangel that copies the primintrinsic data and position from the file SOP.

Everything works swell if I set display as: bounding box in the instance SOP, the moment I switch to full geometry houdini consumes all the ram and freezes. I have 64GB of RAM. Is instance trying to put all of that geometry into RAM? I checked the size of all those 6300 files together its 37GB. I have no problem viewing all of this geometry when looking at the DOP network or the cache created from it.

Thanks in advance!
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