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Full Version: Replace a curve with a spline in digital asset
Root » Houdini Engine for Cinema 4D » Replace a curve with a spline in digital asset

I made a digital asset that contains a particles emitter and a curve force that makes the particles follow a curve I drew using the curve tool.

I specified an input for the curve in the asset and when I replace the field and insert a spline in Cinema 4D I don't get the desired result that I had in Houdini.

I'm wondering if I missed to add or do something to the curve in Houdini before exporting it to digital asset to make it behave properly in Cinema 4D while I replace it with a spline.

Thank you very much for passing by this topic.
Splines are not supported I'm afraid
Finally I have realized that, hope they add it in the future versions.
Thanks for you reply noseman.
Are Cinema 4d splines supported now?
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