Whitewater to Cinema 4d?

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Hello! I'm trying to get a FLIP simulation with Whitewater foam, over to Cinema 4d.
The FLIP simulation transfers nicely as a mesh in an alembic file, but I'm a bit lost as how to get the Whitewater to render. It does import Thinking Particles, but I don't understand how to get them rendered.

I'm sure this can be done but I must say that the steep learning curve has got the best of me at this point.

Any and all suggestions are greatly apprechiated.
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To render Thinking particles in the most basic way, you need to add a “Particle Geometry” Object, from the “Simulate->Thinking Particles” menu, right click on it to add a “Render” Tag from the “Hair” submenu, and then a Hair material.
You control the size of each dot by changing the Hair thickness in the Hair material.

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