Orbolt store improvement ideas

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Not sure why but I keep seeing questions like these all over the internet.

The technology behing HDA's is amazing.
The dev team behind Houdini is Amazing.
How come the orbolt asset store is not? (compared to many other asset stores in other apps)
I think this is one area where the greatest gains can be had.

Most useful HDA's that I find are from the internet in general (several forums, personal websites, vimeo descriptions,etc)

Can we help (or dare I say, inspire) SideFX with some examples on what constitutes a great 3D asset store?
or can we provide a list of improvement ideas in general?
This feels to me like such a missed opportunity for Houdini and it's entire community.
What is needed to ‘pimp’ the Orbolt store to it's maximum potential?

Netihno da Costa
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Agreed, I often forget that Orbolt even exists.
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