How can I manipulate a point/edge/primitave in world space?

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It's not technically a problem in Houdini, you just need a tool with a state that does the conversion

and I think Edit SOP would be a good node to include such options

Since how it works in other apps it's just values entered in a tool state that get applied to whatever the final object space coordinates are, to avoid creating any live dependency which would not be desirable for adhoc editing of a geo

I think everything that would actually need a dependency can be solved in other ways. I am just looking for a quick way to push a point or a group of point to a specific value in space. If I could even do that across multiple objects (without merging them first), that would change life for me in Houdini.
I think ( again) of a set of imported geometry spread over different hierarchies for example. If I could just grab some points of multiple objects and do a simple point transform, that would be great.
If there was a way to automatically create nodes in a node tree at user defined insert points so they could be created from the object level for a selection of objects.... But I'm probably dreaming a bit there....
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Well coming from Softimage too I'm also surprised it's so complicated to set global point positions in Houdini.
Adding some nodes is not at all straight forward, it would be such a slow workflow.
What would be great : being able to edit the geometry spreadsheet values.
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