Houdini 17 reactions and thoughts

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I always knew that there would come a point in time where i have to start learning Houdini seriously.
This point was yesterday.
No more excuses. I can model, sculpt, shade, animate, light and render. Now its time for the most interesting part:
Blowing stuff up, burn it to the grounds,flood it and rip it into pieces.

PS: the clown posse falling over each other was the highlight for me. I think i never laughed so much while watching an software presentation. I had to re-watch it 10 times.
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it's been a while since i've posted here .. but the video presentation made me login , download H17 and post here .

i have not read comments above (sorry about that) but judging from threads title and opening post i just want to say ; H17 sounds another amazing step on the_well_thought path of Hou_s existence .

i say to myself “i did the right thing joining Houdini since V11” .
to be fair and keep it simple , Hou can ‘appear and act as others’ but ‘the others cannot’.
well Hou can do more than the_others but im trying to keep this relation as a comparative one .. and add to that the fact that the ‘winds of future’ go in Hou_s favor .
thats what i thought then and that is what i keep thinking after every Hou Release.
and after all these years this could have not happened if behind it weren't people with great vision and professionalism .

and so .. i say to all Houdini makers and contributors “Well Done and Keep Doing It ! Congratulations!”

one day maybe Hou will be an OS , lol

except the things that cannot be seen , nothing is like it seems .
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I just want to know when there will be a full production version available that works with shotgun
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I just want to know when there will be a full production version available that works with shotgun
aren't there integration tools for Houdini from Shotgun?
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