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Can someone please explain to me why this simple test bones with geo exported as FBX, change Axis in Unity.

I'm talking about the Thigh_bone.

When I bring it into unity it spins around the Z axis even though I'm moving it around the X axis. Also, the Z axis is spinning around the Y axis.

It's like some weird gimbal lock. I don't understand it.

If I remove the hip bone, I can bring it in Okay into unity. My reasoning is that there seems to be some problem with the parenting of the Thigh_bone to the Hip_bone (which is flat).

I'm not sure what's happening here so any opinions would help.

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ThighBoneXAxisHoudini.PNG (93.8 KB)
ThighBoneXAxisUnity.PNG (62.0 KB)
Limb_v002.fbx (55.1 KB)

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