POPS Simple Rotations on particles?

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Could easily be a user error in application or display or both.

But I am having a hard time getting any visible effect of the rotation node in POPs. I even did the old ‘Random Rotation’ tutorial archived at www.soulvector.com.

I just never see anything that looks like a rotating particle?!
Would love a simple example if somebody cares to provide one.

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I'm not sure why lately there's been a rush on old, out-of-date tutorials - you'll spend half your time trying to grok the difference between old and new methods. Call up the help for the Rotation POP, look at the examples - the first one shows some practical applications.



on re-reading, you might have meant just display the point “normal”, at least the normal that is referred to in the copy SOP when you're using particles as templates. Not sure about that.
John Coldrick
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You might also find it handy to turn on the display of the particles up vectors.

In the Pop viewer, hit “d” then in the first folder page, along the bottom row of buttons, pick the “Particle Origin” button to see the particles local co-ordinates in the viewport. Should be the third one in from the left.

This is pretty much the only way to see rotation and upvector changes in the pop viewport.

Sprites have their own sets of controls.
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