ik fk chain handle problems

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i have some hard times with the ik-fk handles. especially the alignment of the fk handles. i draw a chain with “ikwith twist affector” kinematics and if I got it right You can use the t-key to get the goal translation handel and the r-key to switch to the bone rotation handles. at the beginning this looks promissing but when I check “default transform handles to gimbal mode” on in the handle preferences and pose the chain the handles alignment is very wired. the handle axis of the second bone does not align with the real axis. and I think this is not a gimbal thing. the only solution to get some control back was to place a null between the two bones and use this for rotation.

any hints?


handle_alignment.rar (9.1 KB)

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If I right-click on the rotation handles of the bone chain, it doesn't give us the option to turn on gimbal mode, unlike when it's on a regular geometry object. So I suspect that the bone chain transform handles are NOT supposed to ever be in gimbal mode. It looks like an oversight to me that the bone chain handle suddenly goes into gimbal mode. I don't think it should be allowed.
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