Pyro Fx explosion starting frame

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Hello lads, I’m really sorry for the noob question, but really can’t find an answer nor in google nether among pyro fx tutorials out there
How to specify starting frame for my explosion? I move creating frames for my slides and pyrisolver but really have no idea why I have some pale shade of the slides while it’s waitong to start simulate , so I had to animate Delete node to get rid of it
But let’s say I wanna create some sort of a “cascade” pyro fx , oke starts at 50 frame then another in a second and lest say I want them to interact between each other, to simulate shockwave effect caused by the second explosion to the first one to create sort of a massive explosion.
Thank you guys in advance
Ah are there example hip files for the pyro as well on the web?
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If I'm not mistaken, Because of nature of DOPs, You can't do this easily as you can do in SOP Level !

In dops data are not on way from up to down inside a single graph, all of them are parallel and based on previous frames, all of the nodes are sharing their data with others even if they are not in their directed graphs and connections.
In other word you should see all of the dop nodes as a whole system not separate nodes same as SOPs.

Because of these attributes the term of “Time” is different to Time in SOPs and you can't change or shift the time or frames for some specified nodes.

So for doing that you have to do several job depending of what kind of node or solver you are working with.

For example about Pyro Solver you may need to change activation time of the sources and also change any keyframed parameters inside of Solver.(you can do this procedurally via expressions)

However in my opinion if you want to have different explosion or fire in different times you may need to do this in one solver with different sources, because of having good two way interaction and relationship between explosions or fires.

If for any reason you want to do this with different solvers, you need to tweak parameters (like onces I mentioned above) for each solvers and sources to change timing.

Of course you should know if you have different pyro solvers they are not have complete relationship with each other and you may need to use some more microsolvers to copy and use some data like vel between each solvers, or maybe extra fuel field to trigger second explosion from the first one.

However I'm usually doing this kind of projects separetly in different dop network, so I can change timing for each dop network very easily (via time shift in post or using global Start Frame parameter in AutoDopNetwork), about having interaction I'm usually doing this manually, maybe by using a custom vel inside of each network.

However please let me know if you find better solution.
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