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Full Version: Surface Tension solver crashes sim at same point every time!
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Using Houdini 17 enabling surface tension crashes fluid sim at only a third of the way in my simulation with simple fluid emitter filling up sink, I have it set to 7 and I have spherical surfacing enabled on fluid surface with preserve bubbles enabled. Flip Fluid object has viscosity at 0.5 with 15 friction, density is 100, and particle seperation at 0.01 with grid spacing at the default 2. Reseeding is enabled with droplet detection turned on and air in compressibility turned on as well, cfl advection has been changed to 1 instead of 0.75 for more accuracy. Everything else is pretty much default. I did turn on collision seperation in the flip fluid object tab and made it 0.01 for better collision detection. Everything works perfect and sim finishes until I turn on surface tension, the sim when it reaches a certain frame range give or take a frame or two becomes unstable and just freezes on frame with 100% cpu usage. I tried even using more substeps up to 8 on the flip solver itself inside the auto dop network and it fixes nothing. The auto dop network is using 8 substeps for collision detection right now as well. Gaussian flow filtering is enabled for smooth and for final smooth I have it set to mean value for the surface filtering.
Figured it out Eureka!

I changed the grid scale on the flip fluid object from 2 to 1.5 as this controls the advection grid scale and it solved issues because in the Alembic ROP output console it was stuck on Solving Gas Advection with 100% CPU Load.
Thanks for the help LMFAO
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