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Hey there, I'm pretty new to Houdini so I suspect this is probably a simple thing I'm overlooking, but I'm having an issue when I am attempting to use a “VDB Convert” node to convert a volume to a VDB. The input node appears to have a density volume and a temperature volume, however when I set the VDB Convert node to look at the incoming density group (“@name=density”) the VDB node shows that it has a density VDB with zero voxels. Alternatively, setting the VDB Convert node to look at temperature seems to create a temperature VDB as I would expect (I guess?). Just wondering if anyone might be able to give me a hint as to what would cause this behavior.
The DOP configuration which creates the Volume is from a free .otl file I found, so I imagine it's doing something fancy in the volume creation that is over my head. Any help would be appreciated, even if it's just a link to some materials for better understanding volumes.

Thanks so much,
what seems to be the problem?
the fact that your density vdb as no voxels?

If all your source density voxel values are empty, then resulting VDB density volume will have no voxels as zero voxels are deactivated, is that your case?

if not post a hip file, otherwise we can just guess
Hey Tom,
I appreciate your response, thank you for the insight. That makes sense, and is probably the case. Still wrapping my head around the way a lot of these things work!

If you have a hip file for us, that would be much easier to show you the right way to convert it.
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