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Just bought a license for Indie after some time testing apperentice. Let's just say I haven't been able to get the license to work yet and leave it at that (I have contaced sidefx)
But since it is sunday here for me I don't expect an ansewer today.

Can I manually uninstall old versions of the license server and install a new one? Any links? I have only seen people recommend a full uninstall and removing preferences files (which I have done 5 times now with different versions)
I keep getting this message:
Ok I solved part of the problem:
There was an entry in the faq regarding this issue:
where one is supposed to edit the /etc/hosts file and add a mapping. []
Not what you expect from the error message…
Anyway, I seemed to have installed two license for the same computer. I assume I will solve this with sidefx/support.
This thread might be usefull for someone else, but otherwise, it could be removed
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