Dear Sidefx,
Thank you for this amazing one of a kind appliacation it’s really a peice of art.
You have plenty of helpfule videos and masterclasses that helped many people like me in starting houdini but through my search for toutorials and masterclasses I noticed that you only fouce on the new fetuers with each realse but all the other basic and important thing like solvers which are the heart of houdini are kind of forgoten or outdated. You evolved so much in the last couple of years and you updated manythings but if i wanted to understand for example solvers and what they can do eaither i have to pay so much for classes or i have to corss my fingers and search for free stuff online. which not all of them deliver the knowledge required to understand the application.
I really wish you updated the mastercalsses for each solver in houdini for the new users. All the stuff that I can find about the basics and heart of houdini are outdated.for example fem solver or hard solver i cant find anything about it. Rbd new tools I don’t know how to use them or the contraints and we don’t all have $$$ for high quality classes. There is big mass of useres that want to understand the geneal stuff in houdini and not only the technical things for game making and other plugins.

So my only wish now is to see new masterclasses for all dop solvers. Let us get to know them. We love you. But we need to know you too. Hope this letter reach you.