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Full Version: Workflow for rendering when using Mac? (cost effective)
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Hi, I'm fairly new to Houdini and have mostly used it for learning yet. I mainly work in interactive/modelling so rendering has not been something I looked to deep into yet. I'm also on a Mac with access to egpus with amd/vega cards as well as a regular PC with an older Nvidia card. I prefer and hoped I could work on the Mac but more and more point at me having to use and upgrade the PC.

I need to do some renders of short sequences for an upcoming production where Houdini will be very good at solving some parts. Mantra will be to slow on my local computers so I'm thinking of going for Redshift on the PC or using services like gridmarkets.

My questions is, what would be a cost effectice and smooth solution for an indie player such as me?
Should I get 2 nvidia 2080 ti's on the PC and run redshift or is it better to use an online service and stay on Mantra? Or maybe even go for a 2990 threadripper for Mantra in the PC? Experiences?
Redshift MacOS is as fast as PC/Linux, so that would be the best option unless you are in 10.14 as Nvidia drivers are not yet released. Threadripper 2990 with 32 cores does not allow Mantra to scale well past 16 cores IIRC.

Two 1080ti with Redshift rendering on the extra PC is probably the most cost effective.
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