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Full Version: Export SHOP Displacement to GEO
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I have a displaced sphere in Houdini being displaced using Redshift Material Network at SHOP level.
I would like to know if there is a way to either export my displacement parameters into GEO
or bake them, the final purpose would be to export an alembic file to be used in C4D.

I am fairly new to Houdini so any in depth information on these topics would be greatly appreciated
and will aid my education.

Thank you…
If you want the geo to export you can just subdivide it and the apply a point vop that samples the displacement map and displaces the points based on it which you can then export the geo as an alembic.

If you want to keep the geo the same you can do the same thing but have two objects. One that is the original low res and the other high res and use the mantra bake to bake the displacements to textures that can be used at render time where ever.
Thanks Wren but the issue is that it is all being displaced at SHOP level with Redshift Noise and not at VOP level.
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