Need help at grooming in H17 with vellum

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Hey guys its my first topic and I hope Im in the right forum. Either way, Im working on a Project with some other students for our final semester project.
My Job is to do the grooming part, so I started to do RnD about it and learned some techniques to accomplish it but I cant get it to work stable.

My Problem is that I dont really know wether these problems I´ve got are bugs or just a wrong network. The current problem I´ve got is that we got no time anymore and I decided to do a short hairstyle with no simulation. Just the static hair following the head but even this causes problems. If the Head is moving to fast, the haircurves seem to stretch and penetrating the mesh. There is no vellum hair constraint or vellum solver used, just the generated hairs with hairgen and some guideprocess nodes.

I will attach the hipfile and I hope somebody could give me some tips for setting up a stable grooming network

Thanks guys

Attachments: (3.9 MB)
shorHairSetUp_09.hipnc (3.2 MB)

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You are in the right place to post this stuff, but I'm sorry to say without the alembic attached, this won't be easy to diagnose. If you want to attach your groom to the head, you need it to have a static frame where the groom is in the perfect place on the head - this could be the T-Pose of your model. Then you need to use a point deform to get the groom to move with the head. Have the groom in the first input, the T-Pose/zero frame of your model in the second input, and the animated alembic in the third input. Now the groom should move with the body, but it won't be simulated.
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