Edit node within Subnetwork affected by renaming the Subnetwork node.

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Hi everybody,

highly puzzling thing of the day for me: I collapsed a series of geometry nodes into a subnetwork (not the puzzling thing). I went to rename the subnetwork node and I noticed that every time I renamed it, some points would slightly change location. Renaming the node again would move the points further, along the same direction vector.

It turns out this was somehow related to an Edit node in the subnetwork. Bypassing and unbypassing the Edit node brought the points back where they were supposed to be, but renaming the subnetwork node again would cause the problem again.

The workaround I found was to Lock the Edit node. This solved the problem permanently it seems. But it does leave me puzzled: how can the renaming of a subnetwork node influence the behaviour of the nodes within it?

King regards,

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