Conforming cloth

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Is there an easy way to attach e.g. a belt to a character like in DAZ (conforming cloth)?
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depending on what you need to simulate, which part is animated, how complex your collision requirements are, whether you are doing a hero-character or background … yes, yes and yeah, definitely.

The simplest way usually is to do a quick pre-sim to get the cloth more or less snug to the character (e.g. switch off gravity and apply some constraints that pull points in), freeze the sim into your new rest-state and then use hard-constraints to tie anchor points to your animated mesh.
Your needs define how you would cater for simulations-over-animations (collisions etc). With low-poly game-characters like the DAZ figures you can easily get away with setting the whole figure as a collision mesh.

You might want to have a look at the “thousands” of demos/tutorials “how to create a flapping flag in Houdini” that show hard constraints in action.

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