Reference a parameter with no label - PolyBevel Offset Slider

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I wanted to expose PolyBevel's Offset field as a parameter on an HDA. However, I could not figure out how to get a reference to the offset field. The label with the word “Offset” in it is actually a reference to the “offsetmode” drop down box, not the offset field/slider.

Turns out there is an invisible control between the Offset Mode drop down and numeric field. If you hover over it, you will see it is called “offset”. You can treat this usually invisible control like any other control (hover over for info, drag and drop to type properties).

In this case, I could have guessed from context the field was named “offset” and manually added the reference instead, but thought there must be a way to figure this out in other cases where the name isn't so obvious.
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I would right click and Copy Parameter, then in another parameter right click and Paste Relative Reference and see what it wrote.
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