Geo using 100% memory, how to optimise?

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Hi everyone!

I'm currently in the works of animating a Nike airmax 1 with the find shortest path and polywire nodes, and I'm running into an issue where the object is much more memory heavy than expected.

I've been trying to cache the geo, but so far only met with crashes and I'm having a hard time utilising the viewport because of the memory usage (Near 100% / 32gb)

Is there any guides on memory optimisation? Should I try to reduce the quality on the object and if so, how would be the best way of doing it?

Thanks so much for any input!

All the best,
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Not enough info for anyone to make anything else but a poorly informed guess about what it might be the cause. How many polys does your object have? In order to hog all of the 32 gigs of your memory, it needs to be extremely high poly-count (tens if not hundreds of millions). What is the poly count?
Maybe it's a memory leak issue. Again, hard to guess since you don't provide a file or at least a screen-shot, if a file is out of the question given the presumably high poly-count of your geometry.
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If you have a really long SOP network, you can try saving the file out at a convenient spot, then load it back in again and start a new chain (sort of like checkpoints). If your model isn't massive, it could be the memory used by the sop chain itself while cooking the entire network.
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