HDA not updating when animating parameter

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Hi, I have simple geo to cloud setup HDA but I can't animate the noise offset, the values change in Maya but when I export the VDB sequence I only get the value from frame 1 and it doesn't change over the frames.
we are stuck on version 16.0.504.20.
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If you are running this out of playback, then switching to DG mode rather that EM serial/parallel will update the animated parm. (this is fixed in 17.0)

However if you're just initiating the export for a range of frames from your asset this won't work - the plugin doesn't access Maya state at any frame other than the current frame. You can either step through the export one frame at a time in Maya, or you'll need to export the animation to Houdini in some way. It would be useful if there were clip file export in maya, the maya animation export formats may take some effort to parse inside houdini as well.
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