PDG ffmpeg encode example fails without printing errors

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I am trying to get this example to work:
https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/top/ffmpegencodevideo.html [www.sidefx.com]

I saved the hip file, then cooked the top node.
The opengl renders complete successfully.
But the ffmpegencodevideo1 node fails.
I tried explicitly entering the path to ffmpeg in the ffmpegbin parameter on the ffmpegencodevideo1 node.
That didn't help.
I tried setting the PDG_FFMPEG variable.
That didn't help either.
What's frustrating is that the ffmpegencodevideo1 node does not print to the terminal what the error is.

What am i missing?
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Hi – if you double click the failed work item and click “Show Log” you should be able to get information about why it failed. Can you post the log here?
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Hi Brandon,
thanks for showing me how to view the logs of a work item.
It helped me track down the problem.

Here is the error log for the ffmpegencode1 TOP node:

ffmpeg version 2.6.2 Copyright © 2000-2015 the FFmpeg developers
built with Apple LLVM version 6.1.0 (clang-602.0.49) (based on LLVM 3.6.0svn)
configuration: –prefix=/usr/local/Cellar/ffmpeg/2.6.2 –enable-shared –enable-pthreads –enable-gpl –enable-version3 –enable-hardcoded-tables –enable-avresample –cc=clang –host-cflags= –host-ldflags= –enable-libx264 –enable-libmp3lame –enable-libvo-aacenc –enable-libxvid –enable-vda
libavutil 54. 20.100 / 54. 20.100
libavcodec 56. 26.100 / 56. 26.100
libavformat 56. 25.101 / 56. 25.101
libavdevice 56. 4.100 / 56. 4.100
libavfilter 5. 11.102 / 5. 11.102
libavresample 2. 1. 0 / 2. 1. 0
libswscale 3. 1.101 / 3. 1.101
libswresample 1. 1.100 / 1. 1.100
libpostproc 53. 3.100 / 53. 3.100
Unrecognized option ‘apply_trc’.
Error splitting the argument list: Option not found
Executing command: “/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg” -y -r 12/1 -f concat -safe 0 -apply_trc iec61966_2_1 -i “/tmp/houdini_temp/ffmpeg.v01/pdgtemp/2894/ffmpegencodevideo10_framelist.txt” -c:v libx264 -vf “fps=12,format=yuv420p” -movflags faststart “/Users/jeroenlapre/Documents/viz/projects/dev/houdini/pdg/videos/ffmpegencodevideo10.mp4”

The version of ffpmeg I'm using doesn't recognise the option apply_trc

I enabled the FFmpeg command field, and changed it from:

{ffmpeg} -y -r {frames_per_sec}/1 -f concat -safe 0 -apply_trc iec61966_2_1 -i “{frame_list_file}” -c:v libx264 -vf “fps={frames_per_sec},format=yuv420p” -movflags faststart “{output_file}”


{ffmpeg} -y -r {frames_per_sec}/1 -f concat -safe 0 -i “{frame_list_file}” -c:v libx264 -vf “fps={frames_per_sec},format=yuv420p” -movflags faststart “{output_file}”

And now it works!

Much thanks.
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