Edge Details in Voronoi Fracture.

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Hi, I am playing with voronoi for a long time but I could never find any solution to put good edge details in the pieces without using any maps in render time. I want it in the geometry itself. With Houdini 17 we got rbd material fracture which I have used to get good details in the edge but I want to know how it was done before since I have seen a lot of old destruction works done in Houdini with good edge details. I tried to search the forum too but I got just one post from H12 which wasn't that helpful, if someone can help me a little with this thing then I will be glad. Thanks a lot.
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You have to divide You voronoi fracture pieces with for example divide(bricker) to get some geometry to work with, than You add noise to the inside points
to the border You limit the noise to be just tangential by eliminating all parts noise that is parallel to the normal.

it is tricky with hard edges,though,You can drive the amount of noise additionally by mask maps,the fix problematic zones.

EDIT: Found an old quicktime, reminded me,that You also have to take care of texture coordinates
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