Facial Rigging: Where to Begin

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Hey Marc,

The thing that made me stop experimenting is that there are too many things to learn and focus on. I did not do a rig before at all it was my first experience with Houdini, following Goldfarb and other people tutorials resulted in a great improvement in my skills till I came up with my own workflow and this is how ‘'I’' do it kinda of thing. I mentioned this before but it does not take me a lot of time now to start a rig for the whole body except the face . To be clear with something, I learned to use blend shapes and I used them and I can freely animate in Houdini, but it was my intention to expand and go with Motion Builder to try some mark less facial animation. Came to know later that I still need to place the bones in the face, I did not get away from that facial rigging based on bones system . I am sure there will be tutorials whether it is from SideFX or individuals and it will clear this topic once in for all.

This is the new era we are living in I guess, people share their ideas and other people get creative. Smart organizations get advantages and even adopt these ideas of sharing as a part of MBM (Market Based Management). I have seen some 14 years old kids doing some coding for Unity and creating his game(s), guess where did he get that from ? It is not from the Fundamentals of Unity 001 I assure you that!And you know how he got to that level. Beside, maybe this is how Unity got their enormous community (Something to think about).

Nothing wrong with Houdini at all I am still using it and accomplishing my goals in a very short time thanks for those who shared their ideas and tutorials and thanks to SideFX for updating their videos tutorials section in almost daily basis. I have deviated from the main topic in my last part here, my apologize.
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