Keyframed animation in DOP

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Hello there, Houdini pros

I'm, trying to figure out how to mix keyframed animation in DOPs simulation and unfortunately there are not so many tutorial out there.
According the documentation I used rbdkeyacive for this purpose but then I faced the problem - my simulated object refuse to work as I expected - its a total mess and trying to understand and realize how to put this to work for the last 24 hours really made me frustrated… See my attachments
For my job I need to create a car crash simulation, so traditional animation and dynamic sim must be combined. For exmple wheels should rotate while the car is already in accident and so son and so on.
Please give me some hints how I can do that

KeyframedRBD.hip (372.3 KB)
rbdAnimTest2.hip (417.9 KB)

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