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i test the unity scripts callback use HEU_Example_Unity_Script in the plugins. It worked fine. But when i change the grid node to heightfield node. It doesn't work fine. It log the warning “Houdini Engine for Unity only supports unity_script as detail attributes!”. I debug the scripts. In the methode GetUnityScriptAttributeValue. When i use the grid node, the HAPI_AttributeInfo.owner and HAPI_AttributeInfo.originalOwner are both HAPI_ATTROWNER_DETAIL. When i use heightfiled node, the HAPI_AttributeInfo.originalOwner is HAPI_ATTROWNER_DETAIL but the HAPI_AttributeInfo.owner is HAPI_ATTROWNER_PRIM. So it log the warning. I don't know why it changed. And how i can use the scripts callback when i use the heightfield node?
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