Attribute Wrangle Node : "output selection group "??

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On Bindings tab Of Attribute Wrangle Node i haven't understood the option “Output Selection Group”(i have read documentation). So plz help me this .

- thank You
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If there is a group already defined on the incoming of the wrangle and you specify the name of that group in the parameter you are speaking of;

That group will become highlighted as a group selection in both the geometry spreadsheet and in the viewport.

This can be handy as a visual aid for other operations.

P.S. Thanks for asking this question, otherwise I did not know of this option. I have had in the past the need for it, and as an aid wrangled my groups to a specific color to be able to see the group as a visual aid. Now that I know of this option, can do it more quickly.
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More importantly it can highlight the group defined in the same wrangle/VOP if you specify the same name
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