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i'm very new to all this kind of stuffs like voxels and fields but one thing i cannot get my head around is that
1.in the following snapshot what “point” it's references to ?
2. does the object means source object/geometry ?
3.how the distance is measured ?
4. distance is measured from what (means must be measured b/w two location ,so what are the two location ?) ?
5.plz help me with these kind of terminology!!!
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1. point means the sampling position
2. object means DOP object, but in this case the talk is about that object's SDF representation
3. the distance computed using one of the methods defined by Mode parameter and is stored in the field the way it's described (negative inside, positive outside)
4. it's measured from closest surface to each voxel of the field

rather than just reading the docs and trying to understand the forums are already full of discussions, examples and links about most of those topics so a little search can get you far
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