How to create UV on VDB converted polygon mesh

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Hi guys,
I'm recently stucked into this problem… i can't really figure out a solution.

I'm trying to create UVs on an animated geometry, creted by a vdb convert node.
My setup is something like this.

- i create an animation with vellum hair (i need these hairs to be the source of my vdb polygon)
- vdb from particles on that hairs
- vdb convert into polygon

I atatched a jpg

Obviously, every frame the polycount change and also the UV. Results: the entire UV for the animated geo is a mess.

I guess i should create the uv on the hairs, or something like this, before the animation starts… am i right?

If someone could show me a solution i'll be really greatefull.


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without knowing more details about the scenario, it's probably hard to suggest “the solution”. However, I assume that the main problem is “sticking the UV to kind of the same places on the mesh” to avoid “flicker” or moving texture.

The general approach I would try to take is have “control points” on the original setup that you “track” over the range of the animation/simulation - e.g. by finding nearest points to re-establish the control points. Then recreate the UV based on those control points from a deformed “reference mesh” (or cage mesh) (maybe doing a from-camera-projection?).

On the same idea, if you are rendering for 2d (movie) anyway, you could actually get away with doing a frame-by-frame texture projection. That would break if you have to render for 3d.


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Hey Dude,
I think there is no way u can create perfect uvs for this, but here is a cheat, u can create a grid with uvs and deform it along with the vellum wires and then transfer the uvs from the animated grid to the vdb mesh, I have attached a hip file, I Hope that might help.

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