PolyReduce node - Tolerance odd behaviour

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I have been playing with the polyreduce node and found some odd behaviour which I'm not sure if it's intended or buggy.

I was testing if there was any difference in reduction and speed between passing along a whole geometry with a bunch of meshes , or do a compiled loop through each mesh with the same polyreduce settings.

If I'm reducing just by percentage it does what is expected, same result on both.

But when using the option Continue Reducing Within Quality Tolerance I get a completely different results, with smaller meshes being less reduced than bigger ones when reducing per piece loop.

Is the tolerance value influenced by the bounds f the mesh that is passed along? Or anyone has any idea on why would the results differ from doing it to the whole mesh compared to piece by piece?

I've attached a simple scene showing the difference.

Thanks in advance!

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polyredduce_tolerancePerPiece.hip (257.6 KB)
Image Pasted at 2019-7-31 16-26.png (392.0 KB)

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