how to set file dependencies procedurally

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Is it possible to set file dependencies on a hda processor procedurally? i dont know what my file dependencies on a hda processor are until the wok items are about to be created by a data driven python processor directly before it in the graph. I am new to pdg… Am i thinking about this right?

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The (likely) only time you'd need file dependencies for the HDA processor is if the HDA it's running is dependent on other HDA files. Those sub-HDAs should be listed on the file dependencies list.

That said, it sounds like in your case you want to apply an HDA to some files generated upstream? In that case, you don't need to list them as file dependencies. If those files are listed as results of upstream workitems, you can refer to them as `@pdg_input.0` , `@pdg_input.1` … etc. in your HDA parameters tab.

If truly you want to procedurally drive the file dependencies tab in the HDA Processor, it's a little harder - that thing is a multiparm. I suppose you could do it if you were able to bound the maximum number of file dependencies by pre-creating that many slots in the multi-parm…
- Ken Xu
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