Getting UVs from a Deforming Alembic

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Hello i don't know if there is maybe already answer for this but i am struggling with something

So i made a sand simulation that does the sand simulation and then I make the sand simulations into a VDB from the VDB I convert it
Two Polygons

But may problem isn't eni of that its creating the UVs for that object because i cant make the UVs stick two the vertexes because the vertexes changes and move around to account for the moving Geo

And if i do a planar map from the top u get stretching where the simulation is happening i have looked every where for a solution for this but cant find it

So i Need to take this geo once the UVs are correct and take it two Maya and use it there apply may textures and render it out in the final scene in there eni help or advice will be appreciated

O and i am still pretty new to Houdini and still got lot to learn
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Take a look at the attributeTransfer node. It can migrate the UVs (or any attribute), from one one piece of similar geometry, to another.
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