Help! Houdini Terrain HDA appearing differently in Unreal

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I am very much a beginner in Houdini, and this is my first attempt at creating a terrain for use in Unreal Engine.

I've managed to create a result that I'm super happy with, but when I try to import it into Unreal Engine via HDA, my result is different than what I am seeing in Houdini.

I've also noticed that if I try to create a new instance or copy of the object level geometry node for the terrain in Houdini the result is different as well (same as in Unreal) but when I look at my original, it still appears as desired.

I've tried recalculating all of my erodes and most of my height masks (at least those that aren't being used for scattering.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening or how I fix it? Thanks in advance!

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DesiredTerrain.png (2.3 MB)
1ce7a84ccd358490f73192f8eca207f86cbce4c3d62da5ae57847c7a2daf77eb.png (1.5 MB)
645434f7db248095802c201d4d8f1b5651bebf670051d2b33f91625d8d595a01.png (2.0 MB)

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Looks like it's a problem with the copy. Look into your copy step by step and see why it is looking weird. If you get that looking correct the unreal version should look correct as well.
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I am thinking that the version you like is an unlocked version of the asset and the one you don't is a locked asset. Maybe you have edits in the unlocked asset that haven't been saved to the asset definition. If you RMB-click on the unlocked asset and choose “Save node Type” or select the asset and use “Asset > Save Asset >…” then the changes will become part of the definition and the locked asset will pick up the new look. Then it will work in UE4 as well.
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