Pyro GasDamp freezes motion to stillness

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I am trying to understand the Gas Damp Microsolver applied to a smoke simulation.

From the doc, it says about the Target Speed that “Velocities below this speed will not be damped.” (source [])
I prepared this scene where the Target Speed is 10, thinking that the Gas Damp would leave the velocities below this threshold untouched, but the motion comes to complete stillness.

Whereas when I set the Target Speed to 0, the motion of the fluid is damped, but do not freezes completely.
See the video attached as well.

So I am not sure I understand the documentation correctly, and I would like to have your lights on this matter.

Many thanks
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pyro__gasdamp_freeze.hiplc (642.4 KB)
pyro__gasdamp_freeze.mp4 (219.8 KB)

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